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The Common Core Debate

By now, educators across the country have been exposed to the concept of “Common Core Standards”, an idea introduced by the U.S. Department of Education that represents a fundamental shift in how America’s primary and secondary education systems function. The standards, as of yet only created for the topics of… Read more »

What Can You Do with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction?

For educators nationwide, graduate education has long been an essential part of pursuing expanded career opportunities. While most teachers explore general Master of Education programs, a number of specialized options exist that offer focused coursework on a specific area of classroom leadership, allowing educators to build advanced knowledge in a… Read more »

Trends in Curriculum and Instruction: Common Core Standards

Common Core standards mandate the skills and knowledge students should acquire throughout their education before they enroll in four-year colleges and workforce training programs. The implementation of the standards has ignited a fierce debate between advocates of regimented education and opponents who push for more fluid, individualized curriculum and instruction…. Read more »

The Many Benefits of Earning an Online Master’s in Education

American teachers typically do not have to earn a master of education (M.Ed.) to secure teaching jobs. However, a growing number of education systems understand the value of teachers possessing an advanced education degree. Graduate school allows students to explore teaching options, as well as hone the type of skills… Read more »

Curriculum and Instruction Trends: Social-Emotional Learning

Despite multiple strategies to enhance student learning, American primary and secondary school students continue to fall behind their counterparts who live in countries throughout the world. According to a 2009 study, U.S. students ranked 25th among 34 countries that include nations such as China, South Korea, and Finland. Frustrated educators… Read more »